A Glam Mother's Day Luncheon with Blank Slate


Moms make the world go ‘round. We all know that. Although we think Mother’s Day should be every day, the reality is that moms are too busy making sure everyone’s lives run smoothly to take the necessary time to enjoy themselves in the way they deserve. That’s why it is so important to acknowledge Mother’s Day each year. We only have one chance to make it REALLY special.

Natalie, Shaylan and I don’t have any children yet, but Seri does. She is constantly showing us the ultimate example of how to be a great mom, boss, and party girl. She works SO hard, and treats us as if we’re her own family.

We wanted to treat her to a special Mother’s Day from her girls, so we opted for a glamorous luncheon with a few Mom friends. We got our spread of tea, treats, and sandwiches from Blank Slate, an adorable cafe based in Manhattan. We were blown away by the artisanal tea selection they provided. Not only were the teas delicious, they looked stunning in our clear mugs. Whether you’re celebrating mom or gathering your fellow mom friends, Blank Slate has got the treats, sweets and sips covered. Not to mention, their catering comes with the cutest pop-up tiered stand, which went perfectly with our decor!

Of course, we didn’t just focus on the food and drinks (even though that was our favorite part of the whole party). We also put a lot of thought into making the table look stunning for our celebration. After many years of working with Decorative Novelty’s glamorous decor, I decided it would be the perfect vibe for a mom who sparkles as bright as Seri does.  

I used lots of fringe in different sizes and colors, which I attached to the ceiling using packing tape (yes, packing tape!!! One of @craftymaggie’s secret weapons). Once all the layers were up, I trimmed the edges at different angles. Just like giving a haircut! 

To match, I created name tags using mini fringe pieces from Decorative Novelty and paper. We grabbed a selection of pink and white plates, gold cutlery, and cute napkins to set the table. Finally, to finish it off, we found a selection of stunning white and hot pink flowers which we dropped into white vases. The amazing thing about bountiful flowers on the table is that you don’t need to be an expert arranger to make them look good. You can get away with a simple trimming as long as you have a vessel to put them into!  


We had a wonderful time celebrating with a gorgeous spread of food and drinks from our friends at Blank Slate. Ultimately, the goal on Mothers Day is to make your mom feel SPECIAL. We hope you have something wonderful planned!