DIY Derby Day Hat Station

In the office, we’re all fashion lovers- especially when it’s accompanied by a party! It’s no wonder we have loved celebrating Derby Day, because it’s the best excuse to dress up, create unique decor, and mix up pretty drinks! Over the last 3 years, we have made a real flower derby hat, a rose wall with mint mules, and a rose horseshoe mint julep bar. This year, we wanted to celebrate in a way we could all get involved in, so we set up DIY Derby Hat party!

When you have tons of craft supplies sitting around like we do, it’s pretty easy to set them all out for your guests to play with. But even if you don’t, it’s not difficult or expensive to gather up what you need for this.


Head to your local craft store for fun ribbons, tulle, craft jewels, and anything else you’d like on your hat! Fake flowers and feathers are also a crowd favorite.

Order some cheap hats online, set them out with your supplies, and plug in some hot glue guns for everyone to create their hat. Its a fun way for everyone to round out their outfit, sip some drinks, and watch the Derby!

The best part was that right after we made our hats, Seri was invited to the Derby and we can’t WAIT to see all the fashion she snaps for us on Instagram. Make sure you check in to see her outfits and everything happening behind the scenes!

Happy Derby Day, may the best horse (and hat!) WIN!