PINK is our Favorite Flavor

National Ice Cream Day is this Sunday, July 21st! Team LMP will never say no to a reason to celebrate, and this holiday is one of my personal favorites. When I was a kid, I always ordered “pink” when I got ice cream because I loved the color. Also because strawberry ice cream is delicious! Somehow, not much has changed and the whole team was on board when I suggested our Ice Cream Day celebration be based on a pink color scheme. We’re all a big fan of pink decor, and what better day to take advantage of it than ice cream day!

Not to mention, pink mixes perfectly with black and white, which is now the focal point of Seri’s new backyard. We played off the fun black and white textures to make our pink ice cream POP while we enjoyed our sweet treats by the pool.

We pulled out our favorite fringe from Decorative Novelty, our vintage milkshake glasses, and ice cream cone stands to make for a perfect Ice Cream Day celebration. We even decorated Seri’s cooler with sprinkle decals to make it fit into our theme!

I’ll take a strawberry shake with a banana on top, please. Happy National Ice Cream Day- we hope you celebrate by treating yourself to your favorite flavor!