An Out of This World Party

Jedediah Bila of Fox and Friends said it best: what better way to get kids excited about space than to throw an out of this world party!

Last week, a producer from the show reached out to our team to pull together a segment about throwing a party celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. Naturally, we NEVER say no to press, but Seri was out of town. She usually takes all the interviews and appearances, and we’re there for support and creative concepts. Luckily, they said they would take any representative from the LMP squad- and that’s right! I was the one who was in town and here to step up.

We started by pitching some fun ideas and then bringing them to life- which meant a lot of last minute errands, DIY crafting, and supply organization to get us ready. Shaylan did some masterful brainstorming as I ran around the city and Long Island getting everything together.

To run you through the actual ideas for this party….

We created 3 DIY items that are SUPER easy to achieve. One being a foam moon cake topper, which is simply a foam craft ball painted and pinched to look like a moon and stuck into a cake using a skewer. Another being iridescent moon swizzle sticks, which is just iridescent paper cut into moon shapes and hot glued to a wooden stir stick. And lastly, rocket ship fruit skewers, made using tissue paper for the flames and fruit to create the rocket shape.


Then, we searched around for some fun decor and food we could add in. We grabbed disco balls, an astronaut helmet, and even made a space themed ballon garland. We made a Moon Martini, which was made using a coconut cream ice cube. We even bought themed sweets- Moon Pies, Starburst, and Milky Ways!

The team at Fox was generous enough to pick me up at our studio with all my crazy supplies and put me through hair and makeup to get ready for the cameras.


I have NEVER been on TV before, not to mention a national news show. I had no idea how it worked, what it would look like, or what to do. Although the whole team was not available to be by my side, my supportive best friend Kelly Bryden was there to guide me through it. She helped me set all the decor, prepped the last minute food items, and took all my behind the scenes pictures!


I was extremely nervous, and seeing how the big news room operated was truly an experience I’ll never forget! We really had such a great time with the Fox and Friends team, which made this party such a BLAST (haha, get it???). We hope to be back!