A Dinner Made for Foodies


Seri prides herself on the food she serves her guests. When we’re in her home, we know we will NOT go hungry, and whatever we’re eating, it’s going to be amazing. This summer, Seri treated us to a gorgeous meal by the Culinistas so she FINALLY could sit and enjoy a meal with us without feeling like she had to be working in the kitchen. We set the table, and just relaxed while we waited for the magic to happen…


So here’s the deal- Culinistas will create a menu, send a private chef to do the grocery shopping, and then send them to your home to cook and clean it all up. This dinner was NO joke, and truly a dinner made for foodies. Everything was stunning and beyond delicious. Here’s the menu they came up with, which Seri promptly said APPROVED.


To Start
Roasted Carrot Dip & Crudités (with carrot, sesame seed, cashew, lemon, vegetables)
Family Style Dinner
Tahini Ranch Spring Salad (with sugar snap pea, romaine, sesame seed, dill, chive, lemon)
Chimichurri Chicken (with chicken breast, parsley, cilantro, oregano, garlic, fresno chili, lemon)
Lemon Thyme Shrimp (with shrimp, onion, thyme, lemon, parsley)
Corn & Cucumber Salad (with cucumber, corn, sheep’s feta, cilantro, red onion, basil)

Berry Crisp (with strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, lemon, rolled oat)


I mean, does it get ANY BETTER???

The entire meal was so out of this world. I couldn’t have picked a favorite dish, even if I tried! We can’t recommend the Culinistas enough for this amazing dinner, and not to mention, very quality time we were able to spend together just enjoying the summer!