A Dino Themed Gardening Party


On our last trip to Target, we stumbled upon the absolute cutest little planters that were in the shape of dinosaurs. With spring in the air and gardening on our minds, we could not resist. We stocked up on the different colors and then thought…Hmmm…what are we doing with these?!

My kids love dinosaurs so I figured this could turn into a fun project for them. We went over to our local farmer’s market and picked up a few plants like succulents. We put the kids into gardening gloves and got to planting.

We needed some extra soil to fill the planters but not a ton. We filled the bottom of the planters with some soil and then carefully took the plants out of the clay pots that they came in and transferred into the dino planters. We then added a touch more soil to set it all together and gently pat down around the plant to make sure it was secure in the planter.

The kids had a blast with this project and now each have a dino planter on their desk that they care for by watering daily. With the leftover plants we set a tablescape and later this week we’ll be gifting a dino plant to each of the kids teacher’s for Teacher’s Appreciation.