A Fun Easter Basket Alternative

On Easter morning, there was nothing better than waking up and finding an entire basket filled with sweets awaiting me in the living room. Cadbury eggs, Reese's Pieces and Peeps were staples in my basket year after year. From a candy perspective, it was almost as good as Halloween. Now that I am a mom to a toddler, I'm not keen on giving in to the power of candy just yet. She already knows (and loves) cupcakes and cookies, so I would like to keep chocolate bars a secret for a little while longer. On the other hand, I don't want to be a totally lame mom and give her a basket of fruits and veggies so I came up with these easy Goldfish carrots, which is a slightly healthier yet very adorable alternative.

Let's get crafting :

SUPPLIES: * Piping bags * Goldfish crackers or any healthy orange snack * Roll of green crepe streamers * Roll of green washi tape * Scissors

STEP BY STEP * Fill piping bags about 3/4 way up with Goldfish crackers * Cut 2-3" sections of crepe streamers and stack on top of one another. Cut the stack into thirds lengthwise - these will be the carrot tops * Cut 2-3" pieces of washi tape * Twist the top of each bag and add 4-5 pieces of crepe streamer paper, fanned out * Wrap the washi tape around the twisted bag and crepe paper to seal