A simple yet chic Holiday Vodka Bar

The Holidays are arguably the best time of the year; the lights, the music, the cooking, giving presents to those you love, and the BOOZE. There is no doubt that the month of December is drinking one! We see a lot of champagne bars and spiked punches, but today we created a bar that was a little more masculine - a Vodka bar! We started with two bottles of good vodka, that we chilled in a metal ice bucket. Warm vodka is no good, so be sure it's chilled. This is a vodka bar so be sure to have a chat with your liquor store for some special bottles. Next we set out some mixers; for this shoot we went basic with OJ, cranberry and soda water but you can really get creative here! Try grapefruit juice, apple cider or even ginger beer + muddled pear juice. Now I know you're asking...What are those gorgeous glasses we used? Amazing, right??? These beauties are from one of our favorite online shops: Layla Grayce. They are the perfect amount of festive for this time of year, but would be perfectly acceptable year round! We were so obsessed with them we continued to drink out of them long after the photo shoot had ended. These will absolutely be a staple at my Christmas and New Years parties this year! They also make for a fabulous hostess and/or holiday gift. Once you decide on your mixers, it's time to set out garnish. We went with modern square bowls filled with orange, olives, cucumber, lemons and limes. Guests can use these bamboo tooth picks to select their favorite combo! I wanted our bar to look festive, but not overdone so I set out a small Christmas tree with some metallic ornaments, and added a deep grey paper tree I found! The best part? It has velcro closures so it's reusable next year - SCORE! What Christmas shoot is complete without an amazing reindeer head? Now remember, if you're serving your guests booze, you also have to serve them food. Or you will have some sloppy guests on your hand! Stick with easy to cook/serve food, preferably finger foods. One of my favorite things to collect in my kitchen are appetizer plates. I have about a million. Check out these amazing Rosanna plates that we also found on Layla Grayce that I just added to my collection...are they not gorgeous? And how perfectly do they go with the coupe glasses. I love them! And the best part? Appetizer plates can double as a salad plate when you are setting a formal table. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Be sure to drink responsibly!