Holiday Party Punch

With this past Sunday night as the first night of Hanukah, and Christmas only a few weeks away, the Holidays are officially in full swing.  This also means that Holiday party season has officially begun!

We know that the basics for a good Holiday party are good food and drink, and when we find a quality recipe that is also simple to make, we just have to try it out. We found this recipe for Holiday Party Punch a few years ago, and it has proven to be a favorite whenever we serve it up this time of year. We loved it so much, we even designed it onto a coaster!

Last week, CBS local news reached out to Seri because they wanted to film her cooking for Hanukah, so I decided to make the delicious punch to accompany her delicious latkes!

Here's what you need: -1 drink dispenser (I used our favorite glass one from CB2) -1 bottle sparkling cider -1 liter ginger ale -4 cups cranberry juice -1/4 cup fresh lemon juice -12 oz vodka -1 sliced orange **we didn't have oranges, but I sliced up some fresh apples instead, and added fresh cranberries and rosemary as well to garnish the drinks! -ice

Here's what to do: 1) Add ice to drink dispenser 2)Combine sparkling cider, ginger ale, cranberry juice and lemon juice in drink dispenser. Stir gently to mix. 3) Measure out 12 oz of vodka into drink dispenser, stir to combine. 4) Slice oranges (or apples) horizontally. Add slices to drink on top of ice. 5) Add fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary to top of drink in dispenser and to glasses to garnish.

Pour and enjoy!

This drink is very simple, and festive, and can easily be made with items that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Styling tip: For an extra festive detail, use your leftover fresh rosemary to line your drink tray. Not only will the sprigs add a pop of color, but it will also leave your table smelling amazing!

Happy Holidays!