A Valentine's Day Project Playdate


What's the best way to spend your time when you're trapped inside for the city's 2nd greatest blizzard of all time? Project playdate of course!


Lucky for me, I didn't have any plans to go anywhere the morning or afternoon of the big NYC snowstorm last weekend. I was just in charge of setting up project playdate for Valentine's day, which of course...was a great pleasure for me.


So let's start off with our Valentine's day craft. You guys...this is such a good one!

We called on our friends over at Imagination Lane and they recommended eraser painted tote bags. This consists of:

- tote bag - Heart cut out and taped to the face of the bag - paints - tacky glue, q-tips and jewels or rhinestones -pencils


The kids had to dip the eraser part of the pencil into paint and press hard all the way around the heart which they later ripped off to find a hollowed out heart pattern on their bag.


They took this craft very seriously and now proudly stroll around with their toys in these bags.

For the snack...I started the playdate with pancakes and waffles. Don't start saying "What? How does she do all that"!?! They were frozen. I threw them in the oven for 3 minutes. BUT....to make brunch a little different and festive of course...I set out heart shaped cookie cutters and powdered sugar for the kids to play with. Boy was that ever fun!


After breakfast and crafting, I realized hold the phone Sally. I haven't had a cup of coffee yet!  WHAT?! So we popped a movie on for the kids to have a short break, brewed some coffee and took a breathe. That lasted for about 4 minutes.


We had one meltdown, a lot of shoving over who gets to sit directly in front of the ipad and "I want WATTTTERRRRRRR".

Ok nipped that all in the bud with popcorn that I popped fresh at 10am and back to the movies we went.


That's when I broke out the cocktails. Don't worry - they were "10am" appropriate.

I served "Strawmosas". What is that you ask? I took a piece of basil, mint and placed it into a glass and then topped with pink prosecco. I garnished the glass with strawberries but you could slice them and drop them into the glass if you'd like.


Snowstorm? what snowstorm?

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