Are you ready for some football?


Well, it's that time of year again...when wives across the country can rejoice once again because football season, aka the longest 17-weeks of my life, is finally coming to an end. My husband recently announced that he "doesn't watch much TV." To which I replied, "Oh so the 12 consecutive hours you are parked on the couch every Sunday doesn't count as TV?" Don't get me wrong, I like football too. But after one game, I'm all set. But what I do love is a good Superbowl party. Nothing says Football Sunday like a cold beer and a plate of hot wings. And some fun and festive decor, of course! So you already know how much we love our Balloon Time Helium tank - makes throwing together an impromptu party that much easier and more affordable. Would you believe we set this all up in under 30 minutes? Believe!! You can too! We started by lining our table with a piece of astroturf from Home Depot. We keep a roll off this stuff in our closet and just cut pieces whenever we need. Use masking tape to create yard lines down your "field." We then blew up 15 standard 11-inch balloons to create our goalpost. Stick a piece of heavy duty packing tape on the back of each and line them up into a U shape. The trick here is to not over-inflate the balloons. Try to inflate them just enough so they create a circular shape, which will make a more even goal post.  About 3/4 way inflated works perfectly. We then blew up two white 11-inch balloons and decided to have a little artistic moment with our Sharpie. For the Big Game, we loved the idea of drawing a football helmet or your favorite team's logo right onto your balloon. Try using your team's colors for even more game day spirit!Another fun DIY we want to share is a referee balloon. It's super simple; Just gather black electrical tape, bakers twine (or any string/ribbon) and a white balloon. Blow up a white 11-inch balloon full size. Tie your bakers twine to the end of the balloon, and the other end to your Balloon Time Helium Tank. Measure a piece of black electrical tape and place vertically onto the balloon, while holding it steady beneath you. Repeat all the way around the balloon, being sure to pull the tape tight to avoid wrinkles or air bubbles. For a pop of color, we tied a bright yellow whistle to the bottom of ours to weight it down. After all, a referee always needs his whistle. Now it's time to  set the table. We started with this gorgeous beverage container from Food52. Doesn't it look like a great big Super Bowl trophy? We designed and printed out simple water bottle labels and attached to each bottle. You could easily use team specific labels - check places like Etsy for easy downloads. Next we kept it simple with crisp white bowls of popcorn and chips. And of course soft pretzels! These might be my absolute favorite game day snack. Instead of the usual cardstock food place cards, we put our helium tank to use once more. We used 5-inch yellow balloons and inflated them about 3/4 way...just until they float. We then tied bakers twine to the end and attached a yellow whistle to weight it down. Using a sharpie, we wrote on each balloon and voila! Easy food place cards. How cute is this little guy??? We absolutely loved how this came out! Lastly, we created some football balloons using masking tape and brown balloons. Thanks to our Balloon Time Helium Tank we were able to do all these DIYs and still had leftover helium! Start by blowing up 11-inch brown balloons and tie with bakers twine. Cut one long strip of masking tape for the center of the laces. Then repeat in the opposite direction and with shorter pieces. That was easy, right? Finish off your setup by hanging or leaning a chalkboard behind your food table. You can also use chalkboard paper, and tape it up behind your table. We actually used chalkboard paint and painters tape to create our chalkboard scoreboard right on the wall!

So, who are you rooting for on February 7th??