A Whiskey and Chip Pairing Party with Kettle Brand

This post was sponsored by Kettle Brand, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


At the start of every new school year, Adam and I make it a point to get together with Luke & Gavin’s friends. It’s a great way to catch up after being away all summer, and an excuse to get to know any new parents in their school. We both love to host and are always looking for new ways to create a fun evening for friends that’s also easy and low-key. Adam loves to collect different types of whiskey, so this year we decided to have a whiskey tasting party. Nothing helps wash down the bite of this dark liquor like a crispy chip!


Lucky for me, Kettle Brand always has our back with a huge variety of flavors. As Adam and I were evaluating the whiskey selections, we browsed through Kettle Brand chips to find the flavors we thought would pair perfectly.

I let Adam have the final say, as he’s the whiskey expert! We were both drawn to the brand new Limited Batch Apple Cider Vinegar flavor. Not only does it feel like the perfect flavor for fall, but it’s also a spin on classic Sea Salt and Vinegar, which we both love. Adam chose a Rye Whiskey to pair with this chip and it was perfect.


Next, we pulled Backyard Barbeque to pair with a Frontier Style Whiskey. The sweet and tangy chip was a killer combo.

Finally, we grabbed Bourbon BBQ! Because how could we resist? The bourbon flavor really does come through in this chip, so it complimented our Bourbon Whiskey pairing perfectly. 

I set out a variety of other whiskey bottles on the bar cart, a tray of tasting glasses, and a gorgeous crudites and we were ready to go! To bring a fun interactive element to the party, I printed rating sheets so our guests could choose which pairings they liked the best and we could tally up the winning combo for the end of the party. 

Between our decor of pumpkins & fall florals, and our cozy whiskey and chip pairings, this party got us in officially in the mood for autumn and the school year to come!