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This bedroom makeover finally happened!

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As you know, I have been working throughout the house room by room and it’s been a really busy few years since the start of our main floor renovations. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the upper level of the home and I started with three room makeovers: a guest bedroomwalk-in closet and a master bathroom, needless to say, it’s been fun, challenging and exhausting. The end result was all that mattered and I’m thrilled with how everything fell together.

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 Our master bedroom really needed a complete overhaul and we had a few issues to deal with before I nailed down the final decor and look for the room.

Let’s start with THE CEILING. OH BOY.

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That was one of the worst challenges in the room. We had lived with the standard builders stucco popcorn ceiling since first purchasing the home in 1988. My husband Steve thought that there must have been some sort of water damage that took place while the house was under construction. The ceiling was completely wavy and short of tearing it down and starting over, there was not much of a solution to be had here.

I knew that somehow, some way, I was going to tackle this ugly monster of a ceiling and after years and years of various contractors saying NO, I finally said, lets strap the ceiling, bring it down a few inches and shiplap it. Brilliant, right? We had surplus shiplap by METRIE from our washroom renovation and used it to create a brand new fabulous ceiling!

We hired my favourite contractor (my brother-in-law Barry) and with the help of Steve, they managed to do exactly what I asked. I’m doing the ceiling happy dance right now!

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Once the ceiling project was completed, it was time to paint. This is usually where I run into problems. Why? Well. I can never decide on a paint colour! Remember the main floor “perfect grey” that took 12 paint samples and lots of sweat to finally find? Ya, well. It was worth it even though Steve almost lost his mind because of me.

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Since there was a timeline involved with this completion, I went with one of my favourite Benjamin Moore colours – Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. It was a huge change from the current colour in the bedroom – a blech, dull taupey grey. Chantilly Lace really brightened up the room and gave it a fresh, clean look.

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Now it was time to decorate! I was so excited once again to partner exclusively with HomeSense Canada for this project.

I just knew that I would find everything I needed to make this space as dreamy as it is right now.

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First, I chose my colour palate. White, oatmeal, blush pink and pale grey. The blend of these colours where exactly what I wanted to give this bedroom a warm and romantic touch.

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If you’re wondering about how Steve felt about these feminine colours, he was absolutely onboard. As long as he has a comfortable place to sleep, he didn’t mind the blush pinks!

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The main components of this bedroom makeover were the headboard and furniture. I went with neutral colours so that it would allow me to change up linens and decor accessories any time I wish.

I’m totally in love with the nightstands and the dresser I found at HomeSense Canada. It’s so easy to spruce up a room with their amazing selection of small and large decor items, lamps, wall art, drapery and mirrors.

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Take a look at this stunning full length mirror. I really loved the vintage look of it and it paired perfectly with that fluffy footstool and the rest of the room.

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All the linens and pillows are so pretty! I also managed to find the perfect bench to place at the foot of the bed. It matches so well with the white comforter set and comfy throw blanket.

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To keep the room fresh, I found this scented candle by Samantha Pynn that smells like HEAVEN in a jar and looks so gorgeous on the nightstand.

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I completed the look with some wall art and a tea set.

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Totally ready to relax and enjoy the new room along with our beautiful little girl Tiffany (who always needs to check out “new” things).

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A project that was long overdue, but totally welcomed. Thank you to HomeSense Canada for being an amazing partner and for always making my home decor dreams a reality.

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*dislclaimer* All decor items for this post were provided by HomeSense Canada. Custom window shades provided by Aspect Window Decor  All thoughts and opinions are my own.