All that glitters

Cupcake Topper - Hearts (3)
Cake Topper - Bite Me
Cake Topper - For Like Ever (1)
Cake Topper - Love (1)
Cake Topper - Happy Birthday
Cupcake Topper - Hearts (2)
Cupcake Topper - Stars (3)
Drink Stirrer - Flags (2)
Drink Stirrer - Flamingo (1)
Drink Stirrers - Flamingo (2)
Drink Stirrers - Pineapple (1)
Drink Stirrer - Pineapple (2)
Banner - Mr & Mrs (1)
Banner - Sweet Treats (2)
Banner - Hooray (3)
Banner - Happy Birthday (2)
Cupcake Topper - Yay (5)
Banner - Cheers Bitches (4)

I truly believe that everything in life is better with a little touch of glitter... Especially parties. Which is why I started an Etsy shop, called All That Glitters, with lots of gorgeous (glittery) party supplies! Over the past couple of months I have been so into do-it-yourself projects, and (with some convincing) I realized that this hobby could actually be turned into something more! I have been designing some fun cake toppers, cupcake toppers, drink stirrers and banners - all of which are glittery and can be used for so many different parties and events. Here are a few of my favourite sparkly things....... These cake toppers can be used for so many different events and parties. Getting married? Celebrating a birthday? I've got you covered. What's a party without cupcakes? And what's a cupcake without a glittery topper? Signature cocktails really need a drink stirrer. I'm trying to encourage warmer weather by using the pineapples and flamingos - but really they will be perfect to stir my sangria in the summer.  There are so many great uses for these banners. Hang them behind tables of food, desserts or drinks. Or, how cute would Mr & Mrs be strung along a head table at a wedding? Endless possibilities here. The best part about this is that almost everything can be customized and made your own. Check out All That Glitters on Etsy and shop around! And follow my creations on Instagram @allthatglitters.partyshoppe! Oh and also, just so you know… My apartment is now constantly covered in glitter and I almost always have a fleck of glitter on my face that I just can't seem to get rid of! But really, I secretly love it. daniella XO

Photos shot by Debi Traub of the Garden of Eatin'.