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Ok, I know...its Valentine's Day overload, but how can any holiday focused around chocolate and pretty colours be ignored?? I concocted a super easy recipe inspired by Martha herself...I mean, where else would something this stunning come from? Yogurt & chocolate vday sandwich (inspired by Martha Stewart's recipe here). Ingredients  One small container of your favorite yogurt Any kind of melting chocolate Fruit Powdered sugar And you will need...A Heart shaped cookie cutter First I froze the yogurt. Place the cookie cutter on some parchment and fill yogurt to the top. Freeze for a couple hours. To pop the yogurt out without breaking wipe a warm damp towel on the outside of the cutter to loosen the heart. I left the yogurt in the freezer until needed. Now for the chocolate! Using a chocolate melting pot or a double broiler melt the chocolate and in the same fashion as the yogurt (cookie cutter on parchment paper ) fill the bottom of the cutter with the melted chocolate. Then freeze for about 30 minutes to be safe. The chocolate should pop out a little easier after being frozen, but still be delicate. Make two chocolate disks if you want to layer. Pile them on top of each other like a sandwich, add a little fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar and voila! Beautiful and delish. Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there! -M