All Things Baby

Over the years we’ve put together some pretty spectacular baby showers. All with themes cuter than the next! So today we’re gathering up all of our favorites so that if you know anyone expecting, you can use a few of our best decor ideas throughout the planning process!

A Backyard Shower


You can save a ton of money by hosting in your own home. If you plan on your party being outside just make sure you get a tent, especially if its in the summer because no one wants to be sunburnt or sweaty!

What I love about this party? All the chic and simple details. Like the string lighting, custom cake toppers, and rustic floral arrangements down the table. All of these elements are cost efficient ways to add decor.

A Wintry Shower

If the weather isn’t on your side and you need to have your party indoors there are simple decor tricks that will work for any space! Like jumbo balloons…. they make such an impact in any room. If you want to dress up your balloons even more, add some greenery down the tails.


Another great decor trick (thats also inexpensive) is to fill your table with bud vases. It will make the table feel full and you wont have to spend a ton of money on flowers because each vases only takes 1-3 stems.

A Teddy Bear Shower


A popular trend at baby showers is to do a lavish dessert table. This is an area where you can really play up whatever theme you’re working with. You can implement it in things like the cake, toppers, cake pops, cookies, etc, etc, etc.

We did a teddy bear themed shower not too long ago and we did just that, a beautiful dessert spread. It’s a great thing to implement because your guests can snack on these treats throughout the party & also take them home at the end so nothing goes to waste!

Pamper Me, Shower


Another great trick when planning a shower is to find an activity that can also help act as decor. For instance, a few years ago we did a Spa themed shower. All of the guests got to fill up jars of bath salts & get pedicures during the party. It kept everyone busy and looked beautiful all styled up on an table at the party.


You can make this activity theme work in many other ways - for instance you could do a floral styling class where all your guests learn how to arrange florals and your decor centers all around that. Or even a cake decorating workshop where all of your decor centers around sweet treats and desserts.

Hopefully some of these tips can help make your next baby shower a little easier!