Sweet Mornings with Mrs. Butterworth's

This post has been sponsored by Pinnacle Foods. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m a wife, mother, friend and business owner.  People always ask me, "How do you do it all?" It’s the age ol’ question, right? My honest answer every single time is, I don’t!  I crack, I’m constantly exhausted, I get stressed, I forget things, I make mistakes, I’m human!

But I do try to make a little ME time, even if it’s just at breakfast. That’s why, after wrapping up a non-stop week of events, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the breakfast aisle of my local Stop & Shop to pick up some Mrs. Butterworth's syrup along with some delicious scones. From 3/6/19- 3/14/19 (offer expires 3/22/19), they are having an awesome promotion where you can save $1 on any ONE Mrs. Butterworth's® or Log Cabin® 24oz Syrup (+ look out for additional in-store savings) so you know I'll be back for more!  


Once I got home, I brewed myself a pot of coffee and I was able to whip up my Mrs. Butterworth's syrup into a delicious glaze in just 5 minutes to enjoy during my ME time. The recipe consists of 1/2 cup Mrs. Butterworth’s original syrup, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 1 cup powdered sugar. As you’ll see in the video, you simply bring all the wet ingredients to a boil, and then gradually add in the sugar until the glaze thickens.


My ME TIME involves:

  1. No stress

  2. No mess

  3. No body


When I tell you this was the best hour of my life, I really mean it. It’s the simple things, am I right? Nothing lavish, just a few minutes to clear my head. So, I sipped my coffee, nibbled at my sweet treat and some berries, and caught up on a few emails, which made me so happy.  It’s so important to take a second to REST. Even if it is just for a few minutes a day.


So, do yourself a favor and make your life a little easier by finding everything you need at your local Stop & Shop and sweetening up your day every now and then by using Mrs. Butterworth's syrup.