An Easy Blowout for a Chic Party


Hi again! I'm back for another Beauty with Brittany Lo post, and this week, i'm showing you guys how to do a quick and easy blowout, perfect for any occasion.


The ladies of LMP let me use their studio to throw a birthday brunch for a friend of mine, and invited me to come over early for a quick photo shoot with their completely fabulous Chicest Party in a Box! This party is perfect for any occasion, and includes an assortment of black, yellow and gold party supplies for 8 people.


Since this party was a brunch, we paired the party good with the supplies for a hot chocolate bar including marshmallows and pirouette straws, and donut tower 'cake', complete with candles for the birthday girl to blow out.


I set up the box in a matter of minutes, and even after I added the final touch by sprinkling confetti on the table, Natasha of Beautini and I had a few extra minutes to style my hair into a fabulous blowout.


First, Natasha curled sections of my hair and pinned up each of the curls afterwards. By pinning the hair, it allows the hair to cool and set to ensure that the hair holds longer but also allows you to run around and do errands in the meantime!


After 15 minutes, Natasha took down the rolls section by section. Since we did my hair after I set up, we only wait about 15 minutes for the hair to set but you can leave it in for however long you need. However, the longer you set the hair, the bouncier and curlier it will be!


Quick tip: Always curl the sections framing your face first and keep those sections set the longest as the front is the most important!


Once all the curls are down, shake your head a few times and that is it! To help hold the curls I used a few spritz of hairspray and I was good to go for the rest of the day..  SO easy. And look at the volume!


Are there any other party looks you've been dying to try out? Let me know in the comments below and I will share my wisdom for my next post!

Until next time...

xo, B.Lo @brittany.lo