Ready, Set, Weekend with Simply Beautiful Eating


Not sure what I like better here. The painted pumpkins or these yummy waffles. It's clear I had nothing better to do the other day when I pulled out my Martha Stewart Craft Paints and went to town on these mini pumpkins. I really didn't want to toss them out and they were getting a bit yucky looking, since I bought them over a month ago.


But look.


A very simple way to spruce up pumpkins for a DIY craft. All you need is paint, brushes and your pumpkins. That's it. Pretty stinkin' easy and beyond cute for a tablescape. I chose to do these colours because know I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest and spotted something similar the other night when scrolling through my home feed.


I also loved intertwining the freshly fallen leaves from my tree (and my neighbour's who has no idea I snatched them without approval) with these magnificent colours. Fall is the time of year when I have mixed feeling about summer being behind us and seeing signs of winter ahead. Then the stupid trees have to go and do their changing and I can't think of anything negative about this season anymore because really? There is nothing like a fall horizon to pick up your spirits.

Our garden is barren from vegetables and I can't find Alice the rabbit anywhere. She must have gone to the side of our house to prepare for the winter (most likely with all the produce she stole from us all summer).


There was ONE thing she didn't get her hands on and that was a baby butternut squash my husband found a few weeks ago. It was so small it would barely be worth it to cook and eat but I thought, hey, why not? I can add it as an ingredient in something.


I took leftover pumpkin filling, this little squash, a banana and bingo bango, we have WAFFLES!

I hauled out my newish Cuisinart Waffle Maker and set everything up so I was ready to go. Grabbed my Vitamix and threw all the ingredients in, gave it a whirl and had a lovely rich batter that was laced with healthy ingredients.


I think I got a bit too excited to make these and I missed a step.

A very important step.


That was........

I forgot to spray the waffle maker with non-stick oil.




Here's what I have learned over the past (100) years of cooking. If your dish looks like crap, don't admit that you flubbed up. JUST CALL IT RUSTIC.

I mean. It still tastes the same, right?

I managed to eat the rustic waffles while making the next batch, which came out MUCH better.

See for yourself.


Pumpkin, Squash & Banana Waffles

2 large bananas, mashed 1⁄2 cup pumpkin puree 1/2 cup butternut squash, cooked 5 large eggs 1 tablespoon date spread, peanut butter or almond butter 1⁄4 cup melted virgin coconut oil 1 cup flour (can use any flour here) 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon pinch of pumpkin pie spice 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon real vanilla extract pinch of sea salt


1) Preheat the waffle iron. 2) Combine the bananas, pumpkin puree, squash, eggs, date spread, peanut or almond butter, and coconut oil in a blender and mix well until everything is well blended. 3) Once smooth, add the flour, pumpkin pie spice, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, and salt and blend until well mixed. 4) Lightly spray the waffle iron (I used coconut oil). Note* - Don't forget this step unless you want those rustic waffles I was talking about. 5) Ladle the batter into the preheated and greased waffle maker and spread it evenly across the surface. Close the lid and cook, following the manufacturer’s directions. 6) Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar and real maple syrup.