Autumn Apple, Pomegranate and Blackberry Sangria

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I feel like everyone I know did some awesome outdoor fall activity... my social media feeds were peppered with pictures from apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, football games... you name it.

All of your posts, and a weekend among the leaves in Upstate New York inspired this weeks fall cocktail concoction - Autumn Apple, Pomegranate and Blackberry Sangria! This red sangria combines the fruity flavors of early fall with the heavier red wine that comes back in style during the colder months.  I was also able to use some fall goodies from my parents Upstate - fresh-picked honeycrisp apples and homemade honey from their beekeeper neighbor.

Here what you need: -1 cup pomegranate seeds -1 cup blackberries -1 apple -1 1/2 tablespoons honey -1 cinnamon stick -2/3 apple brandy (I used Laird's Apple Jack) -1 bottle of red wine (I used barefoot Malbec) -3/4 cup of club soda

Here's what to do: 1) Scoop out 1 cup of pomegranate seeds. Thinly slice apple. 2) Combine blackberries, pomegranate seeds and apple in carafe or large glass jar.

3) Add cinnamon stick and honey to fruit mixture.

4) Add 2/3 cups of apple brandy, bottle of wine and 3/4 cups club soda to fruit/honey/cinnamon stick mixture and stir altogether. 5) Cover your carafe with plastic and let refrigerate for a minimum of one hour, or overnight, if you have more patience than I do. 6) Stir again once you have uncovered, pour and enjoy!

This sangria is delicious, and super easy to make in large quantities.  I have decided to serve this up next time I have some friends over.  You can also change it up easily with different fruits and types of red of wine.

Until next week!