This is Forty

We love milestone birthdays...especially for adults. Back when my parents turned 40, it was a party filled with "over the hill" merchandise, insinuating that 40 was old. We know better now...40 is just getting started! We recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely client Helena, who wanted to throw an amazing 40th bash for her hubby, Sean. The event was  was held at Avenue nightclub in NYC. Helena wanted to incorporate Sean's love for the 80s art scene and the club Indochine. She also wanted to poke fun at the nickname he got after getting too sunburned a few years back in the Hampton's.  We decided to create his very own club called, "Indoor's. I started by blowing up a few photographs from one of Sean's favorite art books, showcasing celebrities and artists hanging out at Indochine during the 80s. What a cool hangout! Warhol, Koons, Haring...all the big players were there. Not to mention every celebrity and model who was anyone. I love this young image of Billy Joel and Christy Brinkley. On the bottom of each photo we added names of who was in the picture and of course that they were at "Indoor's". We also worked with an amazing airbrush artist who recreated his own take on a Keith Haring style piece, but personalized it for Sean. One of the most iconic parts of Indochine is the banana leaf print that adorns almost every surface. I wanted to bring that into our venue in a tasteful yet impactful way. As luck would have it, I was actually able to buy the same exact wallpaper used at Indochine! I framed two huge pieces and added them to the collection of photos. In addition, I found these printed pillows that matched the decor perfectly. Indochine has tons of plants in their space, so we emulated this look by bringing in two oversized bamboo plants and setting them on top of the speakers. They were the perfect addition to the space. But perhaps the most impressive decor element we created was the 3 foot neon sign we had made. It was placed on the edge of the circular bar, and was the first thing guests saw as they entered. We used the same font from the photo backdrop to create custom napkins and drink stirrers. We even created buttons that the waitresses wore, which read "Welcome to Indoor's. We always love a good photo booth, especially a digital one from MVS studio. They're so easy for guests to use and look great setup in any venue. We even had a custom backdrop made by our friends at Minted. Their backdrops are really amazing and helped pull it all together. No birthday party is complete without a cake. Our girl Angela created this chic banana leaf printed cake for us. Pretty fabulous, right? As a favor, we created custom hats for guests to take home. We set them up near the photo booth so they could also double as photo props! Happy 40th Sean!! Cheers to the next 40!