Bachelorette Parties Round Up

One of the best things about getting married, or knowing someone who is getting married is….. The bachelorette party! It’s a girls weekend filled with fun activities and usually, lots of booze. What more could you ask for?

Over the years we’ve thrown a ton so we’ve gathered up all of our favorites along with some tips and tricks so you can have an easy and affordable weekend with the girls.



So years ago when Seri’s sister got married and she decided to throw her a bachelorette weekend that was camp themed! You see Seri and and her sister, Mandy, spent many summers of their youth at camp and that is actually where Mandy met her now husband. So it really was the most fitting theme!


Some of my favorite details of this bachelorette weekend were things like the custom sign Seri built with Mandy’s name on it and the “mess hall” style table that had lanterns hanging from it. All of these personal touches are what made this party so cute!


A few years ago, a client of ours ordered one of our bachelorette party in a boxes for her bride to be, sister. The decorations looked amazing at this Palm Springs residence, if we do say so ourselves ;). But what made this bachelorette party one none of the guests will ever forget is the activity the girls had a chance to participate in….


The hired a male model to come and pose nude for the girls to draw! How awesome is that?! I bet the bride didn’t see that coming! Unexpected activities like these are what make bachelorette parties even more fun, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box on what to include in your weekend itinerary.



Now yes, bachelorette weekends are all about activities BUT do not skip out on the food. If you’re someone like me, that means you could snack all day long. And when you have a jam pack weekend, you need to make sure all of your guests are hydrated and energized!


One of my favorite food sets ups we did for a bachelorette party was this luxe charcuterie board. I mean WOW. The gals invited to your bachelorette party will surely be so impressed and definitely not go hungry. The best part? It’s so easy to create! Here’s a video we did a few months ago that demonstrates how to do it so easily!



As we’ve already stated, activities are IMPORTANT! So here’s another fun idea on how to entertain all of your ladies in waiting - book a class with DivaDance! We have worked with them time and time again because all of their dance routines are so fun and you jam out to all of your favorite hits! They also have a bunch of locations so check them out to see if they have a studio near you.


When we styled a bachelorette party with them a while ago we did this awesome photo booth corner where everyone was able to snap pics. All of our guests really loved it! And if you purchase our bachelorette party in a box, you can recreate this little Photo Booth corner too!

We hope these tips were helpful! Whatever you plan for your bride to be, just make sure it suits her style and you know it’ll be a hit :)

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