Bachelorette Parties Never Get Old


Over the summer we got TONS of requests for custom boxes, a lot of which were bachelorette parties! So we thought it was about time to restock one of our favorite boxes ever!


One of the best things about this assortment is that its neutral with a pop of color! All of the tableware will match any space you are setting up in. Whether it be at home, at a restaurant, or even outside!


Bachelorette parties mostly consist of two things- picture taking and alcohol! So we knew we had to incorporate a cool fringe backdrop. We chose this metallic silver so any outfit would pop against it!


Our ring mylar balloon is perfect for the bride to take loads of cute pics with. Even the neon balloons act as photo props!

We felt like all bachelorette parties had the same old banners, so when we came across this “she said yaaaas” one it was a done deal! Imagine going up to one of your girlfriends and them being like yaaaaas girl! After spotting your new rock…. That’s exactly the scenario we had in mind when making this box.


To give the table some flair we suggest doing an assortment of bud vases. You just need a stem or two in each to make the table look full and colorful!


Iridescent anything is super trendy right now so we had to add in some of these amazing script Bride & Bride Tribe tattoos, by Love and Lion, for everyone to wear on their night out.


And no party would be complete without some laughs so we found these cute “Who Know’s the Bride the Best?” game to get everyone in on the fun! You can print them right at home and use them over & over again!

Not sure what to bring? Keep things simple with a bottle of wine, champagne, or rosé that everyone can enjoy!


And you know what pairs well with a bottle of bubbly? Our new champagne “Party People” glasses! These babies are reusable, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe. So you can use them time after time without ever having to worry about hand washing or breaking them! (Perfect for when you’ve had a bit too much to drink, ha!)


So what’re you waiting for??? Make sure to head over to our shop today to pick up your own Bachelorette Party in a box!


Happy partying!