Boobie Frieda is 96

It's kinda hard to believe but my Boobie is 96 years young today. 96. That's a number one can only hope to live up to. Or is it a number you wish never to receive?


My Boobie Frieda is sharper than sharp. She's got 20/20 eye vision and she still hosts my family over at her house every time I visit Toronto. The problem is, her body, is not keeping up with her age. She is slowing down and sometimes I look at her and think is she comfortable? The answer is no. I know that. She knows that. She tells me that! I feel for her and I don't want her to EVER leave me. But I also don't like the thought of her being uncomfortable. None the less, Boobie keeps on trucking and tells me every day that she's living to watch her beautiful family grow. So we continue to make her happy and proud.

In case you're wondering...Boobie's fashion forward sweatshirt is from Old Navy. I'm obsessed with it.

Last week I took Luke on a trip to Toronto and Maggie joined us so she could meet my family as well as capture a few very special episodes of cooking and crafting with two of my aunts. More on that soon!

When we arrived in Toronto, our first stop was Boobie Frieda's house. Of course Boobie had a table full of food waiting for us and we devoured it all the second we sat down.

Mandy joined us and prior to the trip we came up with a plan to decorate Boobie's living room and surprise her for her birthday. Mandy picked up my a confetti sprinkle cake and I brought home some of my favorite party supplies from the Little Miss Party Shop.

Once we had a chance to sneak off and set up we asked Gemma, Boobie's incredible caretaker to wheel Boobie on up the stairs, into the living room.

When Boobie saw what we put together she started to cry. So then we started to cry. It was a big old sob-fest. Boobie was so touched and it couldn't have made me happier.

We figured 96 candles may burn down Boobie's house so we opted for a set of "awesome" candles for her to blow out. We took photos, ate cake and told stories for hours. It was a wonderful afternoon with our favorite lady.

May we keep celebrating YOU with many more birthdays, Queen Boobie! We love you. Happy Happy Birthday.