DIY "Merry" Garland Wall Decor


I grew up in a house where it looked like Christmas exploded the day after Thanksgiving. My mom (still!) gets up early on Black Friday, breaks out all our twinkly lights, garlands, and red pillows. My dad gets up on the ladder to deck the house with Christmas lights. Then we all pile into the car to go cut down our tree and it's Christmas bliss until December 26th.

This year, I wanted to bring a little Christmas cheer to the LMP office, so I decided to decorate our open white wall with a DIY "Merry" sign made of fake evergreen garland. Here's what you'll need:

-3 pieces of 9ft wire evergreen garland (like this one from Michael's)

-copper wire twinkle lights

-command hooks

-16 gauge steel wire

-floral wire

-wire clippers

Step 1: Form your 16 gauge wire into a script version of "merry." It will look really rough, but it's just a template for the garland so don't worry about making it perfect.


Step 2: Take your garland and begin to form it to your wire template. The branches of the garland should be made of wire, so use those parts to secure it to your template. Carefully wrap single pieces of the branches all along your 16 gauge wire frame until your reach the end. You will likely need 2 or 3 garlands in total. Additionally, use small pieces of your floral wire to secure any spots that need a little extra help.


Step 3: Hold up your full garland to the wall to test for placement. Mark the places where you would like your garland to start and end.


Step 4: Hang your command hooks as you go. You can manipulate the letters to lay exactly as you wish if you place the hooks in order of letters, rather than placing them in advance and trying to hang up the sign. Hold up your sign, place a hook, hang one letter, readjust, and repeat.


Step 5: Weave in your copper wire twinkle lights for a perfect touch of holiday cheer!

Happy holidays!