Celebrating Maggie's Birthday with Smile To Go!


As you guys know things are always crazy around here… and the summer is no different! Seri has a packed travel schedule + starting at the end of June, she leaves to the Hamptons for the entire summer.

Because of all this we decided to celebrate Maggie’s birthday a little early this year….


It is HARD to surprise someone you work with. Maggie of course is always around so me and Seri had a hard time being sneaky…


So when Smile To Go reached out to us to see if we would be willing to have them come in and cater one of our lunches we of course were not gonna pass up the opportunity to have a deliciously catered lunch! But we made the most of it by turning it into a styled lunch shoot & celebrating Maggie’s birthday!


The day before we were set to have our lunch (which Maggie knew about), I said to Seri “what fools errand can we send Maggie on to surprise her???” So the morning of, we had her run and get some florals for the table & a few cocktail ingredients as Seri and I urgently worked on “event to dos” haha.


And as soon as she left….. we went into set up mode!

We decided to add a whole bunch of letter balloons on the wall so that when we photographed the table - we’d have a nice backdrop.


As table decor, we set up a mini shrine to Maggie…. HAHA. We have a library full of amazing pics so we had a fun time picking out some old favorites of her!


We also planned on having a ton of sweet treats because in case you didn’t know, Maggie has quite the sweet tooth!


And of course as the center piece for our table we had these beautiful lunch platters. These guys were AMAZING! I especially loved that there was a lot of vegetarian + vegan options. So this menu really catered to all of our taste buds!


We ended the birthday celebration with a little Happy Birthday singing & some presents!!! As all birthdays should.


We had the best time enjoying our lunch, each others company, and of course celebrating our girl Maggie!


Maggie - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you!! xxxxx