The Ultimate Stitch Fix Kids PJ Party

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You know what I love most about my business? My vendors + clients. I have met some of the most amazing people throughout the course of owning a business. One of the amazing women that I have met, Maria Dueñas Jacobs - Director of Brand Development at Stitch Fix (formerly at ELLE), asked me to work together on her first event for Stitch Fix Kids and you know what? It was one of my favorite events to date. You know when you just click with someone? They get you and you get them? There’s a trust factor. I have this with so many of my clients and I feel so lucky for that but especially with Maria and her team. The event was a smash. So well thought through. Pat Pat on our backs…


Let me take you through it…

First off, the venue.

The Wonder was a new concept that Maria was really excited about and we saw through construction. What a brilliant concept where moms meet to hang, a place to work, classes for kids to take, a cafe and more. I was so excited to see it come to fruition.

The priority for this event was the kids. We needed to secure a dedicated team for child care, craft tables were a must, our entertainment was a magician, Magic Evan (who we loveeeeeeeeed!) and our food was off the rails creative.

We worked with Project Playdate on all child care. Their team is so amazing, patient and took care of all crafting with the children.

We also brought in a couple of wonderful artists from Melinda’s Children’s Parties to make balloon art for the kids which was amazing! We also had a temporary tattoo artist at the party stamping the kids with unicorns, dinos and rockets hips. So fun!

There’s more…omg this one was a good one.

The photo wall.

One of the new PJ designs was a unicorn print and Maria thought it would be fun to bring in a life size unicorn for the kids to pose with. We ordered a giant, incredibly cozy unicorn. Now we needed a backdrop…

I thought…how can we tie in the faux fur tail on the stuffed unicorn to our wall?

FAUX FUR. What if we make a faux fur rainbow?! I asked Maggie…does this get you excited? Only do it if it gets you super jazzed. Otherwise…let’s keep brainstorming.

She was squealing LET’S DO IT!


Maggie & Natalie created this photo backdrop by mixing textures - iridescent fringe, sequin fabrics and faux fur which created a rainbow wall with a “cloud” garland over top. My heart swelled.

Maria donated the unicorn to her daughter’s school after the party.

Ok let’s talk about food because ommmmmmmg.

So Cloud Catering was above and beyond the right call for this event. They were so thoughtful in their presentation it hurt. The creativity was above and beyond.

Chicken dino bites on a tray with dino’s trying to bite you - genius.

Mini dino eggs with truffle mac and cheese - to die for.

Tuna tartar cones in a tray of jelly beans - kids loved this one!

I mean c’mon.


Now once you’ve exhausted the crafts, food, play-pit and / or you’re just an older kid….there was a movie room where we were looping the Toy Story series of movies in anticipation of the movie coming out! We added text to the wall, bean bag chairs and a balloon garland rocket take off.

To send the kids home, each kiddo got a bright, custom designed lunch box filled with a galaxy bath bomb, dino cookie and Stitch Fix stickers!

You guys…. this party was so amazing, no one wanted to leave! Talk about a success.