Chef Luke makes Sushi


Well did we ever hit the jackpot with the new discovery we's called SUSHEZI and omg. You can make sushi in minutes with this contraption! WOW!


Little Chef Luke has never been so excited to do a cooking show. Sushi is his FAVORITE!

So get your hands on the Sushezi and join in the fun!  Here's how we roll...

Step #1: Lightly oil the Sushezi to prevent sticking Wet your hands in a bowl of water while you’re at it. That’s some sticky sushi rice.

Step #2: Fill both sides of the Sushezi with rice, pressing it in as you go.

Step #3: Use plunger to press rice and make a grove for fillings.

Step #4: Fill with your favorite fish or veggies.

Step #5: Insert the plunger, put cap on and turn to compact the rice. Remove the cap and and here we go…

Step #6: Set Nori sheet on surface, glossy side down, push plunger, laying the sushi roll along the edge of Nori sheet.

Step #7: Roll it up as tight as you can, and wet the edge with water to seal. Let site for 10 minutes (for seaweed to soften) then cut with a sharp, wet knife.


Video by: Abby Copleston and Maggie Antalek