Snakebite and Black


Did you guys know that I studied abroad in London? Yup, five years ago I lived in London for four months and "studied" - aka travelled all over Europe and enjoyed immersing myself in the London culture, and nightlife.

When I was in London, my friend Jenny and I became obsessed with a native British drink, called a Snakebite, which combines beer and cider, and occasionally black currant liqueur. When adding the black currant liqueur, it becomes a Snakebite and Black, which I did not know until google told me today!


A Snakebite is SUPER easy to make, combining just three ingredients! And, the results are DELICIOUS.

Here's what you need:

-lager beer (I recommend Foster's Lager) -hard cider (in my opinion, Strongbow is the best) -blackcurrant liqueur (I used the Cassis liqueur that was gifted to me on my birthday from Kathleen 😘)


Here's what to do:

1) Pour 1.5 oz. of blackcurrant liqueur into each of your pint glasses.


2) Fill the rest of your pint glass halfway with lager, and then top off with hard cider.


3) Garnish with an orange slice.


That's it! Could that be any easier?


These Snakebites are the perfect amount of sweet, and can be enjoyed for the super bowl (because of the beer) OR for Valentine's Day (because it is a deep raspberry color)!


Until next week...

Photos by Maggie Antalek. Thanks to our LMP intern, Natalie for modeling!