Chef Luke makes Vanilla Heart Shaped Cupcakes

We are HUGE fans of Weelicious. She is a chef in California who develops the most fantastic kids recipes. Chef Luke wanted to make heart shaped vanilla cupcakes for his class in honor of Valentine's Day. So we adapted the Mini Vanilla Cupcakes recipe from Weelicious to bake these off. These cupcakes were super easy to make and the best part was we had most of the ingredients on hand.


Luke has a little crush on a girl named Izzy in his class...and couldn't wait to get his heart shaped decorating on.


We pulled out silver, pink, red, and lip shaped sprinkles for Luke to decorate with. He also requested that we make the frosting pink, so we added a few drops of hot pink food coloring to the cream cheese frosting that we made.


Of course Luke topped the cupcakes with the glitter lips from the Little Miss Valentine's Day party in a Box. Super cute...


And then it was time to EAT!


Personally, I think that the frosting tastes like Pepto Bismol with the pink food coloring. So my suggestion...leave it out! Meanwhile...Luke was so happy and proud of his pretty, festive cupcakes. Watch how it all went down here and for the original recipe click here.