Chic and easy balloon DIY

BT Greenery string 8a

It's no secret that we love really huge balloons; nothing says PARTY like a big, confetti filled balloon! How we ever lived without these 36" beauties is beyond me! We love 'em so much, you can find one in a few of our Little Miss Party boxes! In the past we've adorned them with tissue tassel garland, but today we wanted to change things up a bit.

Pretty stunning, right? Yep, we feel the same way. We were obsessed with how this turned out!! And it couldn't have been simpler. Check out the easy DIY steps below!

What you'll need : * One jumbo balloon (36").  We used a confetti filled balloon. * Jumbo Balloon Time Helium Tank * fresh greenery * lightweight flowers - we used baby's breath * string or ribbon

How To : * Start by purchasing fresh greenery that is lightweight and has a flexible stem as it needs to be able to be wrapped. * Inflate your balloon with the Jumbo Balloon Time Helium Tank - tie the end in a knot and secure the string or ribbon to the knot. * Start near the top of the string and wrap one piece of greenery around the string, tucking and wrapping as you go along. Once you get to the end of the greenery, you can begin with another piece. Two pieces may need to overlap slightly to fill in any gaps. A lightweight and flexible greenery should wrap and hold very easily. * cut small pieces of flowers and stick them in randomly, tucking in between the greenery and the strong.

BT Greenery string 8
BT Greenery string 7
BT Greenery string 2
BT Greenery string 1

Pretty amazing and easy right? We loved this new take on a party balloon. So chic and elegant, it's the perfect addition to any soiree!

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