How to host the prettiest fall shower at home

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We are big big huge huge fans of entertaining at home. I mean c''ve got everything at your finger tips and you can set up and prep in advance so you can enjoy the party with your friends.

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What better excuse to have a party at home then a shower?

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Instead of the traditional brunch with coffee and tea....we switched it up and threw a ladies lunch.

With fall full swing at our farm stands we are loving the look of bubblegum pink with deep red, eggplant and pumpkin orange. Speaking of...pumpkins. Without fail they are always found on our table in the fall.

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Now you don't have to go crazy with the flowers. A couple bunches then mix it all with greenery. Green stems of leaves are all the rage these days. They are rich in color and easy on your pockets! We bought a bunch to play with and ended up taping some to the wall to create a bright backdrop for our table.

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We believe in using household items for decor before running out to the store every holiday. Teapots make for great vases and recycled jars from the fridge and pantry can be filled with battery operated fairy lights for a little sparkle.

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What's a party without balloons? Well since this is a sit down lunch we thought it would be both festive and practical to set a balloon for each name card at the table so our guests could find their seats with ease. And guess what? We inflated our balloons at home!  You can see this all with our DIY directions for the balloon name cards over at Balloon Time.

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Stay tuned for more holiday party tips and ideas with our friends from Balloon Time....coming soon!

This post was sponsored by Balloon Time but all of the thoughts and styling tips are our own.