Chic, Stylish and Comfortable clothing from Heucy


People are always asking us "how do you do it all"? Moms, business, managing the home and keeping our relationships with our hubbies and friendships so strong. It's a good question! It's not easy. But somehow we find a way to keep it all together. While our days are filled with a mix of sitting at our computers and running around like chickens without a head's really important for us to always be dressed as comfortably as possible. Boy has this changed from our days in the corporate world. I used to put on a dress, high waisted skirt or black riding pants with a 5 to 7" high heel and walk on over to the office feeling confident and powerful. Now, I'm lucky if I get a slab of eye liner on my face and a pair of matching socks on my feet. I miss those super stylish days and that's why I was pretty elated when I recently found out about Heucy. A friend introduced us to the owner of this line of super comfortable and very stylish women's wear. With classic black dresses and jumpsuits in solid colors as well as soft prints the line is chic, sustainable and versatile. Perfect for the working mom who wants to feel and look good when walking out the door. Michelle and I put on our new classic ditties to set up for Valentine's Day. Hanging tissue fans, styling our new favorite gold brushed balloons from One Stylish Party and drinking coffee...we couldn't have been happier. See the Heucy blog for their write up on our new outfits and our Little Miss Valentine's Day Party in a Box!

All photos above where taken by Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative.