Game Day...bring it on.


Game day may just be our favorite day, no matter what the sport is. We decided to go with a "serve yourself" selection of goodies. Check out these easy eats and drinks for the big game this weekend! My hubby's homemade chili bar: I want to be able to give you the recipe here...but you know what the problem is? He just throws everything into a pot! Literally. Here's what's inside this particular recipe - ground beef, sirloin steak chunks, red kidney beans, corn kernels, chopped: carrots, peppers, onion and garlic, large can of crushed tomato, salt and pepper. He started with a couple swigs of oil around the pan, browned the beef, added the steak and then layered in the veggies starting with the garlic and onion. He ended with the beans and tomato sauce and let the pot of chili simmer ALL day. For about 4 hours on the lowest setting. Boy was this GOOD! To top we set up: chopped scallions, crunchy undressed coleslaw, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, halved golden tomatoes and cilantro leaves. To drink we paired this all with a spicy beer cocktail. We rimmed small mason jars with lime juice and dipped into Kosher salt. We added a few drops each of hot sauce, Worcestershire and then filled the glass with a dark beer and ice. SO delish! On to the next... The nacho bar. Doesn't get easier then this one. Fill individual heat safe bowls with nacho chips. We found these bowls at Crate and Barrel and often use them for french onion soup, aren't they perfect? We hit each bowl of nachos with shredded cheddar cheese and broiled till melted. Then we set out toppings for our guests to enjoy: sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole, MORE shredded cheese and salsa. To drink we served Moscow Mules in copper mugs and our favorite "Cheers my Dears" cups from our girl Oh Goodie Designs. Last but not least....a simple sweet treat. We picked up vanilla cupcakes from Whole Foods and topped with toy footballs! Does it get cuter than this? Enjoy the game folks...Go team GO! (that's my way of telling you I have no clue who is playing in the super bowl. I pretty much just care about the food. HA!)