Cracking up at The Egg house

Everyone is all about these pop-up events lately, and as party planners, we love checking them out for great photos and inspiration. You probably saw our visit to The Museum of Ice Cream in Miami, and The Dream Machine in Brooklyn. We loved both of these spaces, which were filled with original installations, well-made interactive rooms, and endless spots for the Instagram-perfect photo. 

If you didn't already know this, Seri is obsessed with eggs. So when we heard about The Egg House pop-up, we knew we had to check it out. Luckily, Michelle (our co-founder!) and my best friend Kelly were around to join us and pose for some photos.

Despite the cute photos we managed to get out of the day, we were pretty disappointed with the execution of this pop-up. Especially as egg-lovers, we thought there was just so much more that could have been done with the space! The staff barely interacted with the guests and did not facilitate the movement of people from room to room to ensure ample space for photos. There was no story behind any of the settings and the props looked very cheap and not maintained at all. It was small in general, but what made it worse was that there was no separation between the themed spaces.

Listen, we're not ones to talk sh*t, and we DID get some cute photos out of it, but for $18, it was definitely a let down. As creative people, we felt like we could have dreamed of so many amazing scenarios for a place filled with eggs! I mean look at those cactuses- what do they have to do with eggs?! It was all a little bit confusing.

But like I said, at least we got a few cute photos out of it. And a LOT of good laughs.


Long story short, we don't recommend spending the money on this one, but don't worry, we still love eggs.