Debi's Donuts


Today is #DonutDay! Over the years, our chef & favorite food stylist, @SimplyBeautifulEating has created quite a few donut recipes that are truly stunning. So if you're feeling ambitious this weekend, try making one of these! 

A CLASSIC, COLORFUL DONUTYou can't go wrong with this one. They're sugary and pretty, and thats just about all I'm looking for in a good donut. These fun colors make it super seasonal. Stack them up on a cake stand and put them anywhere at a party and I guarantee your guests will be starring at them all night long.

CHOCOLATE ON CHOCOLATE - Obviously, this ones for all the chocolate lovers out there. But this is a "healthy version" because they're baked instead of fried, genius! Thanks Debi! Way to make dessert more acceptable to have all day long. 

CANADIAN STYLE - If you're from our neighboring country or just a lover of Canada, then this ones for you. Canada Day is right around the corner (July 1st!), so make sure you get your maple leaf sprinkles ready to make these bad boys. 

DESSERT BAR - Okay so this one isn't exactly a recipe, but we love how Debi played with her dessert set up & turned it into a focal point at a holiday party she was hosting. How cute are those mini donut garnishes??? 

And there you have it! A few of our favorite donut recipes through the years, curtesy of Auntie Debi. Make sure to tag us in any of your #DonutDay pics this Friday.