Dinner without divorce


If your household is anything like mine, there is one nightly question that gets asked, no matter what day of the week it is. "What do you want for dinner?" Why is this such a difficult thing to figure out night after night? It's just dinner. When we lived in the city it was pretty easy to solve given the hundreds of delivery options and farmers markets right outside our door. But now...not so much. While my husband tries to be helpful, he usually volleys it back in my direction with a "whatever you want, babe." and thus the cycle begins. Well, that all changed last week thanks to Blue Apron, a genius weekly delivery service where customers receive a refrigerated box of pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions to cook up a fast and farm-fresh meal. And not just any old boring, basic meal.  These recipes are creative, seasonal and downright delicious! That's right...you don't have to aimlessly wander the grocery store aisles coming up with this weeks meals anymore! SIGN ME UP! What ever will I do with all of my spare time!?

We want you guys to spend less time in the grocery store too so we are giving you $20 off your first order! Say goodbye to weekly meal planning and hello to more time for actually enjoying the meals you prepare. Blue Apron will change the way you look at cooking dinner.

Ready to start cooking?? Here is one of the insanely delicious meals we cooked last week.

Chicken Steam Buns with french radish and cucumber kimchi...are you drooling yet?


Having all of the ingredients pre-measured is not only a HUGE time saver but it also creates so much less waste. I absolutely hate nothing more than throwing out leftover ingredients that have gone bad in my fridge.


Besides the "What should I cook tonight" dilemma, I know there are a ton of people out there who are just not confident in the kitchen. Blue Apron provides a two page full color instruction card for each recipe, complete with step-by-step cooking photos and even has a wine pairing!


It really could not be easier...in fact...Gavin cooked this meal almost entirely by himself...and he is 6 1/2!


Each week you will receive farm fresh ingredients for 3 meals under the 2-person plan or 4 meals under the Family-plan. Shipping is always free and if you are are away for the week or simply too busy to cook, you can simply skip that week's delivery.  Are you a vegetarian?  No problem, they have an option for you too!


By now you should be starving and half way done signing up for your first Blue Apron delivery! You will never look back, we promise!! And don't forget the $20 off your first order...HAPPY COOKING (AND EATING!)