A walk through the Rose Garden...with Dr. Oz


We were invited to design a few of the tables for the recent HealthCorps Gala hosted by Dr. Oz. And....we got to attend the star studded event! We were thrilled to be a part of this fundraiser to help raise awareness for healthy eating to control obesity.


The theme was a Walk through the Rose Garden and we were told that Gristedes would be donating a plethora of fruits and vegetables for us to use within our centerpieces.  The rest...was up to us.


We decided to design our tables with the colors of a farmer's market in mind.


The thing was....

We waited till the very last minute to plan this all. And can I tell you why?  Cause we've been BU-SY.

SO...when we went to put this all together we said EEK. It's too late to order anything! Well Abby piped in and said wait...I'm going home this weekend and my Nanny (grandma) is an antique collector! I could not have been more excited.


She came home with a suitcase full! Unbelievable.

Furthermore, Michelle had found a few special pieces on Etsy...how fabulous are these crates? Thank you so much to The Birdie Booth and RC Antiques and Collect for their support with this event.


The event was an insane success.  What a thrill to be there. And the best part was seeing our company printed in the guide for everyone to see the work we did!


Thanks to my date that night, I started conversations with both Rocco Di Spirito and Jesse Palmer. That was kinda fun....!


Last but not least...there was Dr. Oz. He walked by our table during dinner and I turned around to say HELLO! He came right over and I quickly blurted out "My 95 year old Boobie swears she's still alive because of you!". He giggled and said, "Tell your Boobie that I love her".  I did tell her.  And she'll never be the same.


It was a night to remember for the hard work that we put in, great outfits, great fun and a GREAT Cause!  We were honored to be a part of this. Huge thanks to Bianca from Rachel Cho Flowers for working with us on bringing this beautiful event to life.

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