DIY Valentine's Day Banner


Hello fellow craft-lovers! What a perfect way to celebrate your LOVE for crafts with this awesome DIY Valentine's Day Banner. If you're throwing a v-day party, this is the perfect activity to get all the guests involved with. Not only does it look super cute, it's an awesome way to leave something fun behind for your Valentine's Day Party hostess.

The best part? It's SO easy. In fact, YOU don't even have to do much work, other than to set up the Valentine-making station. After that, you leave it up to the party-goers to leave their own note for the hostess. Here's what you'll need:


string/ribbon for hanging the banner paper for the Valentines coloring utensils and stickers for decoration scissors pink tassels from the $1 section at Target (optional!) clothes pins- plain or FUN, like our pink & red arrow pins from Target


Step 1: Hang your string on a plain wall. Add any extra decor pieces, like the tassels, to make it pop! Then set up your Valentine-making table with all your craft supplies.


Step 2: Get making! Create cute Valentines using the various craft supplies, making sure to sign the back so your hostess knows who made it!


Step 3: Hang your Valentines, and enjoy the outcome of your full banner!


Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to post pictures of your own Valentine's Banner and tag #DIYwithLMP so we can see how it turned out!