DIY with LMP: Fruity Ice Cubes


It's finally the season of sunny weather and fruity drinks and we're ready to make the most of it. When it comes to beverage choices at all your summer gatherings, it's super important to keep every guest satisfied with multiple options. We always seem to go overboard on pretty cocktail and wine options, but end up totally forgetting about boring, old water. Here at LMP, we've decided to find a way to make sure our pitcher of water is beautiful and appealing to our guests so we can stay hydrated in the hot sunshine.

You will need:

  • ice tray(s)

  • fruits of choice based on taste/color

  • water

Yeah, that's really it. We promise, this is the easiest party trick you will ever find.


Step 1: Make sure your fruit pieces fit into the ice tray spots. Cut them down, if you need to! Their beautiful color and flavor will still come through the same.


Step 2: Pour water over the fruit, making sure to cover them entirely. We want the fruit to be completely engulfed by the ice.


Step 3: FREEZE! See? We told you it would be that easy.


Step 4: Admire these beautiful, frozen pieces of bliss.


Step 5: Remove the cubes and prepare your pitcher for the table.


Step 6: Fill your pitcher with water and top with your new ice cubes. By the time your guests arrive, the water will be subtly infused with fruity taste they can't resist

Remember to stay hydrated between sips of your favorite cocktail!

Until next week...!