DIY with LMP: Memories with DAD


Father's Day will be here before you know it, and let's be honest here, Dads can be really hard to shop for. This year, instead of adding the 499th tie to Dad's collection, we decided to do something that will really make him smile. And what can make a dad smile more than a glass of whiskey, some sugared donuts, and pictures of his favorite people ever (his kids, DUH).

We're going to show you just how easy it is to make this perfect centerpiece for your Father's Day celebrations. The supplies are simple:


-Cardboard letters from Michael's or another craft store (we chose to write DAD, but his name could be just as fun!)

-Gold (or color of your choice) spray paint

-Pictures printed on regular paper

-Mod podge

-Foam paint brushes

-The Simply Green + Blue Party in a Box!


1. Start by covering the plain cardboard letters with your spray paint. This will give the empty spaces some extra color.


2. Print your favorite photos of Dad, the kids and your family on regular printer paper, and cut down to whatever size you would like. Keep in mind to size them small enough so they will be visible on the surface area of your letters.


3. Get out that Mod Podge! Use the foam brushes to paste the photos onto the letters. It will appear white at first, but it will dry perfectly clear!


4. Cover the letters as much as you can. Remember to really let that Mod Podge soak through the paper so the edges don't come off once they're pasted down.


5. Voila. You're ready to set the table!


We love how the letters work as a centerpiece, and we know he will too! Now all you need are some donuts....


That's better.

Celebrate Dad this year, and give him all the memories he deserves!