Strawberry Rosé Wine Slushies


I'm back in NYC for another amazing week with LMP. Besides doing some great DIYs, I'm taking over this week's cocktail while Abby is having a blast at Bonnaroo. With the current heat wave in New York, we decided on something cool and refreshing. Plus, this cocktail will pair perfectly with some grilled salmon on the patio for dinner.


All you need is your favorite rosé, frozen strawberries, ice, fresh strawberries and lemons (for garnish).


We recommend first blending your strawberries with the rosé. They will sink to the bottom no matter what.


Fill your glass about halfway with the blended strawberries.


Next, rinse your blender and mix up the extra rosé with ice cubes, before combining with the blended strawberries.


Add your slices of lemons and strawberries for garnish...


And you are ready to serve! And the drink looks even cuter with Seri wearing The Coachella Handchain by Studdly ;)

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