DIY with LMP: Mini Painted Pots


Hello to the all plant-loving, gift-giving, adorable crafters out there. I have something fun and easy for you to try this week!

Mini painted pots. The name pretty much explains it all, but I'll walk you through the steps of creating a beautiful set of unique painted pots that will look great together or apart.

First you will need to gather your supplies. Pick up some mini potted succulents or springy mini flowers from the farmer's market. Pick something small so it's not getting in the way while you're painting the pot. Next gather your favorite acrylic paint colors. I went with primaries and white, so I could achieve a pastel look for springtime. Paper plates to use as a paint palette. Foam paint brushes. And painter's tape.

Once you've gathered your supplies and covered your table, you can get to work.Often after sitting at the greenhouse, the little plant pots gather some dirt and grime! Make sure they are perfectly clean before you start painting.

I laid out my colors on the plate and started to mix so I could get inspired by my color choices.

Then, I started to lay the foundation for my paint. I started by taping off a section on the pot that I would paint with my first color choice, blue.

Then, I painted my first layer. Keep your strokes smooth and steady, and don't glob the paint onto the surface. If you do, it will start to sneak under the edges of the painter's tape.

While waiting for that pot to dry, block off sections on your other pots and begin painting. It's up to you if you want all your pots to match. I decided to switch my up, making large geometric sections on two pots, delicate diagonal stripes on another, and small scattered triangles on the last. You can approach making these sections of color by painting the pot entirely one color, waiting for it to dry, then using painter's tape to create the desired shapes. Or, you can create sections of color using the tape, waiting for it to dry, then using new tape for the next section.

You will need to allow time for the pots to dry, so work on each pot in a circulation. I would recommend multiple coats of color to achieve a more vibrant, opaque look.

This project might take a little patience, but I promise you will love the outcome.

Plus, they're beyond perfect for party favors! See how Seri styled these little beauties into our "Mother's Day Brunch" last week.

Can't wait to see your painted pots! Make sure you share them with us on Instagram (@littlemissparty)!