Raspberry Mint Lemonade Punch

Spring is in full swing, finally, and with it comes graduation season! The college and University ones are starting, and pretty soon it will be time for all of those high school commencements.

Graduation ceremonies bring graduation parties, and if you know a kid in high school, you may very well be attending at least 20 parties this summer! If you have promised to bring something to contribute to the food and drinks, why not mix it up with a fun mocktail?

In honor of Beyoncé's new album (have you heard it yet?! Because its AMAZING) I decided to whip up some non-alcoholic Raspberry Mint Lemonade Punch that our favorite underage grads can enjoy too! My friend and our frequent LMP contributor Maggie was in the studio for the week, so she and I got to work making, styling and snapping this delicious beverage.

Here's what you need:

-3 fresh lemons -1 liter lemonade -1 liter ginger ale -raspberries -fresh mint leaves -ice

Here's what to do: 1) In a large pitcher or punch bowl, combine 1 liter of lemonade and 1 liter of ginger ale. Stir to combine.

2) Chop fresh lemons into slices and add to punch bowl or pitcher.

3) Add ice, raspberries and mint leaves.

Vóila, presto, boom! You're done! Now sit back and watch those grads enjoy this refreshing spin on lemonade.

To style this drink, Maggie and I pinned some cloth graduation caps that we had leftover from a shoot to the wall to frame our drink dispenser.  We stacked up some cool old books that we use for party decor and set some of our drinks on top of them for different layers of height in our display.

We served the lemonade punch in govino wine glasses with silver straws from our Everyday Soirée in a Box, which we recently launched and is now available on our site here!

Happy Graduation to those of you taking the big step this year... see ya next week!

Photos by Maggie Antalek