Featuring a First: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Our daughter’s name is Nova Colette and people always ask us how we chose it. The answer is a tad nerdy, but since my husband and I are self-professed dorks we’re alright with that. Both of us love anything to do with space travel. We are star gazers and moon lovers. We found the name Nova on a website and it caught both of our attentions because a nova is a type of very bright star. I wasn’t entirely sold on it until I finally paired it with Colette, another name we were considering. Nova also means “new” and Colette means “people of victory”. When we matched the two names together, that was that. She has certainly lived up to her name in the short time she's been a part of our lives. Nova truly is a ray of star light in our lives. She wakes up with such joy each morning. Her smile is the light of our lives. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” seemed appropriate for her birthday theme. I wish I had photographed every detail, but I had my hostess hat on for this party so it made being the photographer a little trickier! I still managed to capture some of the special pieces though. I am certainly no party planner and had to ask for a lot of advise and tips from my friends at LMP and also my sisters and mother-in-law. With everyone’s help we managed to pull off a great party. I hired a local children’s musician who runs classes in Westchester. His name is Marc the Music Man and he’s quite talented with kids of all ages. Nova started walking in the last month and this was the first time we were able to watch her run around with other children. She was laughing, twirling and running around all afternoon. When the party was over and she was waking up from her afternoon nap, we could hear her gabbing to herself in baby talk. Almost as if to tell the whole world about all she had seen and done! Happy Birthday to our darling girl! You are so very cherished! xo Raquel This post was written and photographed by Raquel Langworthy.

Credits: Twinkle Twinkle Banner & Happy Birthday Banner: Little Retreats Blue & White Party Poms: Michael’s Craft Store Custom Cake Topper: Modern Blooms Catered Food: Whole Foods Cake, Smash Cake, Star Cake Pops & Cookies: The Dessertist (ships all over the country) Multi-Colored bunting: Gift from a friend, but can be found on Etsy.com Entertainment: Marc The Music Man (Westchester County, NY) Nova’s Party Romper & Bow: Gap Custom Cookie Bags: Details on Demand