Gavin's Great Birthday Adventure


Don't ask me why...but for some reason I went a bit overboard with Gavin's 7th birthday party. I was totally inspired by a story that involves our friend's lake house.


Our friends throw a big post-summer party at their lake house every September. We had a blast this year and when the party was wrapping up we decided to grab dinner before heading home. They told us about this Hibachi restaurant down the road called Mount Fuji. We were in. We pulled into the driveway, and we drove up and up and up through the mountains till we got to this incredibly cool looking venue. We walked inside excited as ever and were told the wait would be 2 hours. I almost fainted.


I was determined to get there and decided to plan Gavin's birthday around going back. Strange, but true.

So here's what I did...

I used this incredible service called Skedaddle. These guys have a website that allows you to book transportation for your events using high quality buses, professional drivers and an app that allows you to customize your route.


I sent an invite that was a parents dream. Drop your kids off with me and I will be taking them just outside the city for an incredible afternoon. PARTY! Said the parents.

As each child boarded the bus I noticed a touch of fear and a lot of excitement in the parents eyes. I sent group texts throughout the day so everyone was well aware that their children were doing just fine.

On the bus I gave each child a travel snack pack that I put together including water and snacks.


We took the kids to Bounce U in Nanuet for an hour of jumping around in bouncey houses, including a glow in the dark room. We put Gavin (AND Mike, Mr. Mommy Shorts, who shares the same birthday) in a chair and crowned them Kings. Then back on the bus to Mount Fuji for an early dinner.


The kids were AMAZING. I was shocked and so proud by how well behaved this group was in the restaurant.

Gavin had the most incredible day of his life and I was so happy to be a part of it. Now I just have to accept that my baby is growing up. Seven years old? Sigh.