Grave Digger

Guys! It's almost Halloween! And I could not be more excited.  Most people that know me know that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  As kid-focused as it is, I cannot get enough of the decorations, costumes, and movies (HOCUS POCUS ANYONE?!?).

So when it came to coming up with a cocktail for this week, I could not resist getting theme-ey by making a spooky (and strong) cocktail recipe for you all -- the Grave Digger!

Here's what you need: -your favorite whiskey (I used Jameson) -your favorite hard cider (I used Downeast Cider) -ginger ale -ice

Here's what to do: 1) Add some ice to each of your glasses.

2) Add one ounce of Jameson to each of your glasses. 3) Pour hard cider over ice and Jameson, filling glass 2/3 of the way.

4) Top off each glass with ginger ale.

Boom! You're done.  It's that easy.

A tip for styling this drink to serve at your Halloween party: I took a simple white tray and lined the bottom of it with some candy corn for a pop of color... how gorgeous is that? And you can't serve a cocktail named the Grave Digger without sticking a glittery skull next to it.

Enjoy! Hope everyone's Halloween is spook-tacular!