Last Minute Halloween Crafts & Cocktails


So Halloween is a only a couple of days you have your plan for Saturday?  What are you doing with the kids before you go trick or treating? We have some awesome ideas for you! And don't worry...we've got plenty of fun for the adults as well...


For the kids - let's craft. We took small pumpkins and sprayed them with chalkboard paint (Found at our local craft store - we love Michael's!) and set out chalk for the kids to color them with.


Note:  If you're having a party for the adults - you can use these chalkboard pumpkins as food or place cards - write the name of your guests or dishes that you're serving!

We also set out tons of stickers, pom poms, glue and markers along side brown paper bags. The kids got to design their own treat bags with these!


Of course it's fun to set out props. We found really cool gold masks which the kids immediately put on to make crafting more festive.


How about a game? You know how bobbing for apples used to be all the rage? Well check this out...bobbing for cider donuts! We put a mask on each kid - and tied the donuts to a witch's broom...the first one to finish their donuts wins!


To eat and drink we served snacks that were fun. Popcorn in a plastic cauldron (found this at Party City for $3.99!) and cider out of apples that we carved and hollowed into cups!


For the big kids....we served mini bottles of champagne in a carved and hollowed out pumpkin and added wedges of orange playing off of the classic mimosa cocktail. We also served cider sangria garnished with cinnamon sticks.


Happy Halloween! Hope you have a safe and fabulous weekend!

*All photos above were taken by the wonderful Karilyn Sanders.