Homemade Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Cold Brew Iced Coffee is EXTREMELY trendy right now.  And I am totally into this trend.  So much so that, during the summer months, I shell out almost 4 bucks for a Venti Cold Brew at Starbucks several times a week, while barely blinking an eye.  Yup, you heard me right.  #worthit

I'm out East for the summer with Seri, helping her take care of the boys, and since there is not a Starbucks within reasonable driving distance that I can justify trekking to every morning, I decided that I would look into making my own.  Turns out, it is SUPER easy.  And it came out pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. Here's how you can make your own!

INGREDIENTS 1 1/3 cups ground coffee (I used our my favorite from MUD in NYC's East Village) 4 cups water at room temperature ice cubes water to dilute the coffee concentrate

SUPPLIES jar or pitcher (we used our favorite glass pitcher from CB2) cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer bowl stirrer

DIRECTIONS 1) Place coffee in pitcher and pour the 4 cups of room temperature water over top 2) Stir to combine. 3) Seal pitcher and let sit overnight (or for at least 8 hours) at room temperature.


4) Remove seal after 8 hours and pour your mixture through the strainer or cheese cloth into a bowl.


5) Strain a second time into a clean jar or pitcher. 6) Combine 1 part coffee concentrate in your preferred drinking glass with 2 parts water and add ice.  Add water or ice to dilute more if you would like.


4 cups of the coffee concentrate will make about 8 cups of Iced Coffee, depending on how strong you like yours.  You can also add milk or sweetener.

I had mine with the minimal amount of water and ice to dilute, and LOVED it.  I am a big fan of strong coffee, so I liked that I could add more of the concentrate if I wanted to.

I served up the iced coffee in these awesome mason jar glasses to myself, Seri, and Ilana and Annie of team Mommy Shorts.  It was a hit! I used paper straws from Susty Party to add some pops of color.

The best part? I have some left over for my coffee tomorrow as well.  The concentrate will last for up to a week when stored in the fridge and sealed properly.

Drink up and enjoy :)

xo, Abby