Summer Salads


My favorite thing about having my family visit during the summer (aside from their company of course) is they cook every single meal for me. Including tea and cookies before bed. It's a dream! My Aunt Debi was here visiting last week and she is the ultimate super star because she doesn't just cook me meals...she styles them and makes them look as good as they taste. One of Aunt Deb's specialties is her salads. One could say she is famous for them... She basically goes through the fridge and takes whatever she can find and throws it together in a bowl. One of my favorite lunches from her most recent visit was her chicken and plum salad. It was so fresh and delicious I ate about 8 plates of it. The salad had butter lettuce, sliced plums, candied pecans, grilled chicken and scallions. She used a poppy seed dressing and I was in heaven. Aunt Deb loves to raid my cupboards when she is here for funky plates and platters to serve on. For this salad she used my favorite line of disposable plates from Cheeky. Cheeky is one of the coolest new products on the market right now. They took plain paper plates and made them look COOL!  Seriously have you seen this line?  They are all over Target and they are the most stunning paper goods I've ever seen! And you won't believe this...for every Cheeky product you buy, they will help donate a meal to someone who needs it right here in the U.S.. Can you imagine? Eating in style AND helping people? What could be cooler then that?! So what are you lunching on this summer? Tell us tell us! We are always dying to try new recipes.....!!

All photos above were taken by Aunt Debi. And if you're looking for her recipes you can find them on her blog Simply Beautiful Eating.